Jan De Nul n.v.

Jan De Nul n.v.

Jan De Nul offers specific services for the offshore energy market with an extensive fleet of installation vessels.
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Jan De Nul Group offers specific services for the offshore energy market. Our extensive fleet of installation vessels is used for a variety of activities. We install offshore structures and protect them against erosion. However, we also disconnect and remove them if these structures are at end of life or up for replacement. Through an integrated approach from design to execution, we always ensure a creative overall solution, tailored to the client’s specific needs.


Thanks to our versatile fleet of offshore installation ves- sels with lifting capacities from 1,500 to more than 5,000 tonnes, Jan De Nul Group is able to install any offshore structure: from concrete or steel foundations to offshore high-voltage stations and wind turbines.


The installation vessels of Jan De Nul Group are not only perfect for the installation of offshore structures but also for their dismantling and removal. They can handle all types of hoisting operations, including the salvaging of shipwrecks.


Jan De Nul Group stabilises, reinforces and protects offshore structures with gravel, rocks or concrete mat- tresses to fight erosion or to prevent the structure from shifting on account of the ocean currents. We also cover pipelines and cables with protective rock layers. The rocks are installed within design margins, often of only a few centimetres using (inclined) fall pipes.


Our seabed is filled with dunes, troughs and other irregularities. That is why interventions are necessary when installing offshore structures. To ensure a stable base, the seabed is first ‘prepared’. We do this by dredging dunes, levelling the surface and, if needed, placing a first layer of gravel. Pipelines and cables are preferably installed under the seabed. For this, we excavate special trenches that start at sea, may pass across the foreshore and end on land.


Jan De Nul Group connects offshore structures and brings offshore energy ashore by installing submarine cables and umbilicals. Specific vessels and tools to bury cables or to cover them with a protective layer assist or are on board our cable-laying vessels.


Jan De Nul Group is also the perfect partner for EPCI projects. These projects go way beyond the traditional assignments for installation. We are responsible for integrated project studies and specific strength calculations (engineering) and for the manufacturing of all components, either outsourced to suppliers or made internally (procurement & construction). 

In these projects, Jan De Nul Group also assumes full responsibility for the overall quality assurance.