Infoplaza Business BV

Infoplaza Business BV

Infoplaza provides high quality weather and metocean services to offshore clients globally

Company Profile

Infoplaza provides weather services, consultancy and metocean analysis for marine projects globally. Dedicated forecasts are issued by a team of experienced Maritime Meteorologists, which are designed to help minimise weather-related downtime and risk. The Weather Support Desk is available 24/7 by phone or email. In addition, Meteorologists are qualified to provide on-site support to offshore operations.

Infoplaza's Waveclimate system provides basic wind and wave statistics for offshore and near shore locations worldwide to support exploration and operability studies. The company uses satellite observations and (in house developed and maintained) numerical meteorological and oceanographic models to compile and analyse complex and essential environmental information to support planning of maritime operations and design of offshore and coastal structures.

Spectral wave measurement: detailed description of the sea, including direction and period of all waves. Clients can accurately predict impact of seas on the motion of a vessel. It develops and delivers models for oceans, coastal areas and the atmosphere for use by customers (often embedded in web portals) and in-house by consultants.

Global weather forecast modelling, forecast verification, hindcast, precipitation, wind, waves, temperature and radar analysis