Advanced Inspection & Marine Services Limited

Advanced Inspection & Marine Services Limited

Marine Consultancy - DP FMEA, industry standard OVID / eCMID inspections, 360 degree visualisations, DP vessel assurance

Company Profile

We are a UK based Marine Consultancy, but have a Global Client base.

We provide DP FMEA, DP FMEA Proving trials, DP 5 Year trials, DP Annual trials, DP FMEA reviews (including GAP analysis), DP FMEA Addendum, Marine and DP Assurance, ASOG/CAMO and other DP related documentation production.

Away from DP we also conduct industry standard inspections (accredited inspectors) such as OVID and eCMID. We also perform bespoke inspections for industry clients.

We have a network of 3rd party subcontract personnel - all covered by AIMS insurance policies - in various locations Worldwide. These subcontractors perform tasks based on AIMS generated documentation only, and all documentation is QC confirmed 'in-house' before issuance.

We also produce 360 degree walk-through visualisations of Offshore Support vessel (and other structures). These visualisations have a multitude of conceptual applications such as; pre-boarding vessel familiarisation (new crew members and contract personnel), Client overviews prior to contracting vessels, marketing etc. we are also developing a process whereby these visualisations can be used as an aid to correct testing during DP trials - will be available sometime in 2020.