NSSL Global Ltd

NSSL Global Ltd

Leading provider of satcoms, engineering and IT solutions to marine, offshore and land-based users.

Company Profile

NSSLGlobal is a global independent provider of engineering solutions, specialising in custom projects ranging from the supply of spare parts through to redesign, integrated communications, installation of internal communications and crew entertainment solutions.

With our 50 years of experience in the maritime and energy market we are perfectly positioned to help you with your offshore projects globally. Our engineers are some of the best in the country, their expertise and our maritime heritage as a satcom and IT management provider means we think outside of the box to help find and develop solutions that are customised to your needs.

Our team of engineers are certified and ready to deploy at short notice anywhere in the world. With 24/7/365 global technical support we've got you covered. Call us to discuss these and much more:

  • Turnkey solutions for offshore  projects
  • Mobilisation projects]Vessel reactivation
  • End to end project maintenance
  • Reflagging
  • Cyber security  - scalable to include UTM and more
  • On-board entertainment - fully licenced
  • Surveillance and Security systems 
  • SSAS (ship security alarm systems
  • PABX 
  • PAGA system
  • Heli-deck and aero communications 
  • Heli-deck NDB
  • Weather monitoring systems
  • Satellite communications and IT management solutions