Shepherd Offshore

Shepherd Offshore

Established service and facility provider to the Oil & Gas and Energy industries.

Company Profile

Shepherd Offshore is one of the UK’s leading service providers, developing and operating facilities while supporting world class manufacturing within the North East of England based on the North Bank of the River Tyne. 

The success and influence of Shepherd Offshore is shared across the North East economy. For over 40 years, we have made significant contribution to the continued growth of the offshore and energy sector along the River Tyne, with direct and indirect beneficial impacts on the local economy. Developing local infrastructure with high-value capacity and capabilities, we support services attracting the offshore, marine, renewable energy providers and construction industries to the River Tyne.

The manufacturing and construction companies which have co-located within the Shepherd Offshore facilities, have had access to cost effective development and service solutions supported by an established infrastructure and sound logistical capabilities with suitable expansion areas, as well as other critical support services. Offshore Technology Park and Neptune Energy Park are homes to established companies such as JDR, Bridon-Bekaert, Royal IHC, Baker Hughes Energy Technology, Technip FMC Umbilicals, Newcastle College Renewables Academy, and the Newcastle University National Centre for Subsea and Offshore Engineering Academy. Shepherd Offshore has developed and funded these bespoke facilities and manufacturing clusters with the company value, focusing on providing first class services to compliment these manufacturing companies so they can compete globally. Overall, these facilities have access to berthage up to 9m below chart datum, over 1500m of quay frontage and cranes supporting loadout of up to 325 and 700 tonnes.

Between 2019 and 2020, Shepherd Offshore supported the offshore and energy sector in berthing over 100 vessels, Spooling 135km umbilical/flowline, offloading and loading over 200 reels to vessel and transport, and lifted over 26,000 tonnes of clients’ equipment.

Sectors: Oil & GasPower
Exports: UK