Cable Solutions Worldwide Ltd

Cable Solutions Worldwide Ltd

Supplier of Cable & Cable assemblies for the offshore and marine market

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Cable Solutions Worldwide Ltd are a cable solutions provider for all electrical cabling requirements in the Marine, Oil & Gas, Renewable and Subsea sectors.We support many industry assets including drilling platforms, jack-up rigs, semi-submersible rigs and land rigs, subsea installations and ROVs, FPSOs and support vessels, wind and tidal energy farms.

We specialise in the design of customer specified harsh environment composite cables, umbilicals, tethers and top drive service loops, providing a wide range of design configurations for the offshore energy, shipbuilding and renewable energy industry. We focus on innovative product design and solutions engineering, enabling us to supply the most suitable and robust cable for its intended environment and application.Our proven range of subsea umbilical designs, combined with our expertise and knowledge of critical internal components, enables us to provide clients with bespoke solutions for individual project.

In partnership with Nexans AmerCable, Cable Solutions Worldwide supply OEM quality top drive service loops to the global oil & gas industry. Our top drive service loops offer significant savings on cost, quality and lead time. Drilling platform, semi-submersible, jack-up and land rig top drive service loops are designed, engineered and manufactured at the Nexans AmerCable’s state-of-the-art production facilities in the USA.

Stock cables for a wide range of topside and subsea applications including projects for oil platforms, accommodation platforms, rigs, marine vessels, subsea installations and renewable energy farms. Including such standards such as NEK606, GEXOL, UKOOA, QFCI Fibre, Cat5 & Cat7. All cables are Class 5 flexible with Mud & Oil resistant properties

We supply pre-terminated fibre optic assemblies for the most demanding onshore and offshore environments. Pre-terminated fibre optic versions with any combination of cores or armouring arrangements can be supplied and delivered quickly to any region worldwide. Assemblies can be made to any length with full protection to ensure operational durability and integrity.We hold pre-terminated fibre optic assemblies in stock for quick delivery. Configurations are offered with the option of a galvanised steel wire braid, and a choice of either a standard LSOH jacket or a mud resistant LSOH polyurethane jacket.

We can design, manufacture and supply purpose built topside and IP68 underwater enclosures in a comprehensive range of sizes and materials, and to your specific bespoke requirements. We have supplied junction boxes and enclosures for most onshore and offshore hazardous area applications, including permanent submersion enclosures for use in up to 300 metres of water depth. Our enclosures are used for many industrial applications. Typically they are used on offshore drilling platforms, rigs and vessels, ROVs, subsea assets, water treatment plants, pumping systems, harbours, reservoirs, in rivers and on flood plains.

We supply the RISE NOFIRNO® Pipe Penetration System and Multi-Cable Transit Sealing System to various industries including oil & gas, subsea, shipbuilding and renewable energy.Based on revolutionary technology, RISE NOFIRNO® offers the ultimate flexibility for sealing cable and pipe penetrations. The system is made up using two components, a rubber insert sleeve and the NOFIRNO® Sealant, which provides the fire, water and gas protection.

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