Storegga Geotechnologies Limited

Storegga Geotechnologies Limited

Developer of the Acorn CCS project (through subsidiary Pale Blue Dot Energy Limited). ACorn is the cornerstone of the Scottish CCS Cluster project under which multiple CO2 emitters will transport their CO2 to ST Fergus and offshore for permanent storage under the North Sea
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In 2020, Storegga acquired Pale Blue Dot, the lead developer of the Acorn Project in North East Scotland. Together, Storegga is a multi-disciplinary team with diverse experience in delivering major infrastructure projects and growing successful businesses.

Storegga has received significant international investment from the Australian investment bank Macquarie Bank Ltd; GIC, Singapore’s sovereign wealth fund and Mitsui & Co. Ltd., a global trading and investment company.

Pale Blue Dot Energy, which is wholly owned by Storegga, was established in 2013 believing there were opportunities created by the low carbon energy transition, for those who can bring together an understanding of emerging technologies, future markets and are willing to innovate. This led to work on several different strands of the energy transition including CCS, hydrogen, circular economy, energy efficiency, waste reduction, energy storage and technology development in the distilling sector. This work was undertaken for, and in partnership with, both public and private organisations.

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Classifications: Carbon Capture & Storage