RTC North

RTC North

RTC North help organisations commercialise ideas, access new markets and grow their business

Company Profile

RTC is a mission led company specialising in helping organisations to innovate, compete and grow. Founded in 1989, our advisors have worked with over 15,000 SMEs across the North of England (North East, Yorkshire and Humber and North West) helping businesses access new markets and commercialise new ideas, from design to manufacture.

Business strategy

Our team of coaches and consultants will employ techniques to challenge or reaffirm your vision and drive your short and longer term planning.

The real challenge is to turn this planning into practical outcomes. Creating a universal language around your business model and strategy, which will improve collaboration within your organisation. Regardless of your business size, sector or geographical reach, our team will work with you to help implement a tailored business strategy that meets your needs.

  • Do you need to develop or refresh your company vision, mission and values?
  • Are your staff engaged in the business strategy?
  • Is your business model fit for purpose?
  • Do you encourage innovation and creative thinking?


We have a team of innovation specialists, who work with your organisation to understand the barriers to process, product, and service innovation.

The team will analyse management and market information to help you better understand customer needs and respond to the changing marketplace. Collectively we will develop a bespoke action plan designed to help you retain a competitive advantage and future proof your business.

Our support helps to develop your people, encourages a collaborative approach to idea generation, and instils a culture that adapts and responds positively to change.

  • Does your business encourage innovation?
  • Do you have an innovation strategy?
  • Does your business know how to exploit and protect ideas?
  • Are you looking to develop new products and services?
  • Do you empower your workforce to contribute ideas and improvements?

Operational Improvement

RTC delivers a range of tried and tested lean techniques designed to improve your operational performance, drive up quality, drive down costs and increase profitability.

The team’s expertise also extends to the ability to manage and measure supply chain relationships more effectively.

Our team has been integral to the delivery of hundreds of consulting projects across a range of industry sectors leading to significant cost savings for our clients.

  • Do you need to improve efficiency?
  • Do you have the right measures for your organisation to improve productivity?
  • Do you need to maintain competitive advantage?
  • Do you understand how to manage and measure supply chains effectively?
  • Do your processes need an overhaul?
  • Does your workforce proactively work together to achieve a common goal?

Supply Chain North East

Supply Chain North East is a unique partnership programme from the North East Growth Hub and is delivered across the region. Supply Chain North East will be working with over 800 businesses across the region helping them diversify, broaden their customer base and unlock new market opportunities.