Vilicom UK Limited

Vilicom UK Limited

Providing offshore high performance wireless connectivity solutions supporting digitalisation, communication and remote monitoring

Company Profile

Vilicom is an expert in providing world class wireless connectivity solutions for our clients across the globe. We work with all major network operators to extend mobile coverage and we build private networks tailored to our clients requirements. Our offshore energy division specialises in innovating, advising and delivering seamless high-performance wireless communication solutions for both simple and complex energy offshore operations located in even the harshest, most demanding and regulatory environments.  

Our solution enables our clients to have:

  • Continuous on site uninterrupted (24-7-365) communication
  • High performance connectivity to support data power and speed
  • Their own communications systems that further supports other on site Engineering Transformation projects e.g. IoT projects
  • Fast and reliable access for remote monitoring systems
  • The opportunity to use Augmented Reality and on site and immediate Prognostics
  • The availability of technical information at the point of use
  • Greater speed for data gathering
  • On-site health and safety monitoring