Oldham Seals Limited, Jetrac Division

Oldham Seals Limited, Jetrac Division

Hose asset management , manufacture and fitting

Company Profile

We specialise is hose management, in which we survey and build a database/register to any specific vessel or asset that is then supplied to our customers.  Our engineers are able to conduct varying levels of surveys to establish base line information that can be used to ascertain material state of all Flexible Hose Assemblies (FHA).  This service-critical data is stored and accessed through our Jetrac® system which is a web accessible database ensuring an accurate and up-to-date record of all Flexible Hose Assemblies.

All surveyors are competent, qualified hose manufacturers and fitters and can carry out a variety of installation/change out projects.   We hold / manufacture hoses to Defstan 47-32 for UK MOD and can also manufacture and supply a wide range for commercial use.  Please see below for the range we can offer:

1WB and 2WB, 4SP, 4SH, R13 and R15 (multi spiral range), PTFE Hoses, Stainless Steel hoses and Thermoplastic hoses.

Bore size 3/16” to 2” as standard but we can also accommodate any specific customer requirements.  For each hose that we manufacture we can also provide a full technical drawing.

All hoses are pressure tested at our facility to the required pressures for the hose application, we can also offer mobile testing anywhere onsite at customer locations / facilities.