Hendrik Veder Group UK Ltd

Hendrik Veder Group UK Ltd

Steel wire rope, fibre rope. Lifting, Rigging &Mooring Solutions. Inspection and Certification.

Company Profile

Hendrik Veder Group are a Dutch owned company active in steel wire, fibre rope and lifting solutions to the energy industries.

We have sites across Europe, within Norway, Holland, Poland, France and the UK – allowing us to serve a number of large synergies. We have strong relationships with a number of lifting equipment manufacturers and hold large stock at both Aberdeen and Sheffield facilities. 


The group has a wide range of activities including:

Production of heavy lift products including steel wire and fibre rope, cable-laid slings and grommets

Production of single laid wire rope slings

Wholesale of wire rope

Production and sales of other lifting and towing materials

Production and sales of all types of fibre inclusive of Dyneema & HMPE

Services, including proofload and breakload tests, spooling, reeving and unreeving of cranes & winches, reconditioning and overhaul.