Freudenberg Sealing Technologies Ltd

Freudenberg Sealing Technologies Ltd

The leading specialist in sealing application technologies as a supplier, development and service partner

Company Profile

Freudenberg Sealing Technologies (FST) is a longstanding technology expert and market leader for sophisticated and novel applications in sealing technology. Freudenberg's sealing experts work closely with component and system manufacturers in the development of sealing systems.

In addition to innovative product designs, the materials used are an important success factor in effective seals. Sealing materials from FST are optimised for the special requirements of wind power and withstand extreme climates, ozone, salty air and aggressive lubricants.

We have an extensive portfolio of proven sealing solutions for wind turbines, including for sealing blade and tower bearings, main bearings, hydraulic in pitch cylinders and oil seals for main gears. Radiamatic shaft seals, piston and rod seals, O-rings and Enviromatic ring seals. VentoguardĀ® and Seventomatic shaft seals are becoming the standard for turbine sealing applications, FST have transferred this technology to other applications including large flange seals for Transition pieces in Offshore Wind monopiles.

Concerning subsea applications, we offer a range of products such as polymer inner liners for Distributed Buoyancy Modules. Our expertise with regards to subsea and seawater applications in the Oil & Gas sector supports us finding the best solution for Offshore Wind applications.