Correll Services

Correll Services

We are a service organisation which offers specialist support in High Voltage (HV), Low Voltage (LV) and Fibre Optical (FO) Engineering, Specialist Blades and Operations and Maintenance Services.

Company Profile

Correll specialise in the onshore and offshore renewable energy sector. With our head office based in the North East of England, our team have extensive experience of working on many of the most significant wind farms across the UK, Europe, Asia and also in the emerging US offshore market.

We are a recognised leader in the provision of manpower and maintenance services - including High Voltage (HV), Low Voltage (LV) and Fibre Optical (FO) Engineering, Specialist Blade inspection and repair, construction support, service operations and maintenance and statutory inspection services.

The group operates under 3 separate business units:

Correll Electrical Engineering (CEE): Specialising in High Voltage (HV), Low Voltage (LV) and Fibre Optical (FO) engineering, installation, termination and maintenance in the onshore and offshore energy sector. Whether project works are onshore, offshore renewable energy or offshore oil & gas, our services are delivered in a safe, efficient and reliable operation.

Correll Blade Services (CBS): Specialising in the inspection, repair and maintenance (IRM) of onshore and offshore wind turbines. Continually investing in research & development and remaining fully focused on serving our customers with the most cost-efficient long term solutions, the CBS team provides planned and preventive blade IRM to our clients driven by safety, quality and efficiency.

Correll Energy Services (CES): Specialises in providing experienced technicians for servicing, operations & maintenance, installation & commissioning, mechanical & electrical, blade landing & painting. We also provide statutory inspections to the onshore and offshore renewables sector, plus major and minor correctives exchange.

Our knowledge and experience enables us to work with our customers' to develop solutions that address the challenges of any project and precisely meet their needs.