Caiman Software Development LTD

Caiman Software Development LTD

''Caiman IQ” is a proven, cost effective, of-the-shelf, integrated Business Management Software System which easily replaces out-dated or basic systems.

Company Profile

Caiman Software Development was established in April 2012 as an independent software house drawing on more than 60 years of development and support experience.

Caiman "IQ" provides cost effective, of-the-shelf, modular, Business & QHSE management systems which help grow and develop your company, avoiding time wasting bureaucracy and duplication of effort.

Managing your costs while growing a business is tough!   As you grow you need “business systems” in place to ensure that you function effectively.

The “Caiman IQ” system allows you to do exactly that, and is available on a modular basis, meaning you only pay for the functionality you need, when you need it. Allows the system to scale with the growth of your business and be sustainable and cost effective.

We understand that changing out the company’s business management system is an important and stressful step and we include a comprehensive system data transfer/implementation/training plan in order that this can be accomplished with minimal disruption to normal business activity.

Caiman IQ is a fully integrated, proven, Business & QHSE management system bringing together all your critical QHSE, Project, Personnel, CRM and Asset data in one central location. It is an off-the-shelf solution which can be tailored to fit your specific business requirements.

The web-based solution helps clients transform their business & QHSE system to streamline processes and workflows, driving down the time and cost of obtaining and maintaining multi-standard compliance.

You have easy access and control of:

  • Audits & Managed actions – Ensures you manage compliance
  • Asset management – High visibility of lifecycle information, logistics and utilisation
  • CRM - Easily team accessed knowledgebase for all customer contact information
  • Document Management – Controls, managed workflows, access, revision & tracking
  • Performance Analysis - Measurement, Analysis, Improvement & reporting
  • Personnel Register & Tracker - Centralise your HR data
  • Process Mapping - Clearly define and communicate your business processes
  • Procurement – Manage & accelerate your procurement workflow
  • Project Database - Centralise Project management with real-time reporting from start to finish
  • Timesheet Management - Never lose a minute
  • IQ Core - The Foundations of your Business and Quality Management System

o            Personal profile providing each user with an overview of their responsibilities and tasks

o            Ensures employees are fully aware of their operational and individual responsibilities

o            Store and manage business information without duplication of employee efforts

Caiman IQ integrates with financial systems such as Sage or any other customer defined finance package. 

Caiman IQ Implementation - Caiman will manage the transfer of all your business information into the IQ system to minimise disruption. A full system training programme is provided, and support is ongoing.

Caiman IQ has been successfully deployed to a broad spectrum of business sectors with clients ranging from those who operate in highly regulated industries, to businesses who want to improve their organisational and operational efficiency – ultimately creating cost savings and added value for customers.We work in close co-operation with our clients, enabling us to focus on building long-term relationships whilst offering a no-nonsense, pro-active and personable service.

Exports: Holland, Ireland, Norway, UK