British Business Group Abu Dhabi

British Business Group Abu Dhabi

Bridging Business between the UK and Abu Dhabi
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Company Profile

The British Business Group in Abu Dhabi helps UK companies identify new business opportunities specifically in Abu Dhabi but also in the UAE more generally. The BBG – together with its sister organization in Dubai & the Northern Emirates of the UAE - provides an essential bridge between the British business community, the Department of International Trade teams at the British Embassies and aspiring new entrants to the market, by providing advice and help to British trade missions, business groups and business visitors to the UAE. 

The Group has the following aims:

  • To promote and develop business relations in and between Abu Dhabi, the UAE and the UK and to display the commitment of British business to the region;
  • To provide a forum for the British business community in Abu Dhabi and others who are interested in promoting trade between the UK and the UAE through regular networking events, meetings and presentations on topics of general or sector specific interest, as well as purely social events encouraging business connections;
  • To provide advice and help to British Trade Missions, Business Groups and other visitors to Abu Dhabi and assist British enterprises who have formed or who are contemplating business in and with Abu Dhabi;
  • To provide a link with other organisations with similar aims.
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