Antikytera e-technologies Ltd

Antikytera e-technologies Ltd

AR AI Company based in Dublin, outstanding global solutions for energy sector

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Company overview 


Antikytera e-technologies began almost three years ago in Dublin, and our name reflects our culture of innovation. It originates from the discovery of an artefact off the coast of a Greek island at the beginning of the 19th century. The artefact dated back to over 200 BC, and it was so advanced for its era it took the archaeologists nearly sixty years to understand it was the worlds first analogical computer to predict the position of the stars & the plants. 


We are an advanced technology company, specializing in Augmented Reality & Artificial Intelligence. We own and developed all of our solutions, which helped to make us one of the most valuable startups in Ireland ( 

Our communication solution leverages the latest technology to allow you to interact in each others environment for the most effective transfer of information, from anywhere. 

Our product Ermes, is currently operational across manufacturing, automotive, beverage, water & utilities across the globe.


Product overview - Ermes


Ermes is a tool that empowers communication. Our application can be 

download from the app store or play store, making it easy to implement in your business. 

This is a communication app, that uses the latest in augmented reality to create a secure streaming call with your contact that you can interact in their environment. The person who needs help will create a case room, both users will enter the case room and when the call is created both users will be looking through the view of the person who initiated the call. 

The person in need of assistance directs the camera at the issue area, the other user can then insert lines, shapes and text in their environment which will stick exactly in place even if you move away.

Click here to watch a brief demonstration :


A brief breakdown of what makes our product completely unique in the market



  • The only company globally who uses artificial intelligence to to enhance the user experience and make this type of technology more approachable.
  • Ermes is the only product that can interact with every surface, thanks to two different algorithms .
  • Our application is compatible on over 600 devices across IOs and Android .
  • Ermes has a separate mode that can be used in areas of poor connectivity.
  • Our technology is entirely created from us without use of third party content.
  • We don’t track any of your and your client’s data.