A Squared Engineering Limited

A Squared Engineering Limited

Engineering consultancy services to offshore energy and commercial marine sectors

Company Profile

A Squared is an engineering consultancy that works with offshore operators, installation contractors, vessel owners, fabricators, and other engineering companies

We help our customers reduce their risk, save money, and deliver high-quality engineering they can be proud of. Customers want to come back to us because in addition to solving the issues they came to us with, they are often provided with solutions to problems they never realised they had.

With a reputation for engaging our customers and bringing solutions to the table, not problems, our team includes naval architects and structural engineering experts from the offshore and commercial marine sectors.

Our customers tell us that they love the way we manage projects and that our disciplined cost and schedule reporting makes them feel engaged and in control.

Over 2/3 of new customers have given us repeat business because the experience of working with A Squared is like no other.