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NOF Member Stories

Kinewell Energy

Hear from NOF member company Kinewell Energy, about their experiences and the support they receive being a part of the NOF network.

"I’m Dr Andrew Jenkins, CEO and Founder of Kinewell Energy.

We’re a company that develops and commercialises innovative technologies that adds significant scalable values to the world’s biggest environmental and social challenges.

So, NOF have been incredibly supportive across our entire start-up journey, particularly when we’re innovating and developing new things and needing to work with other people collaboratively to make those links; it’s crucially important. But also here at Offshore Wind North East, where we’ve had some fantastic conversations with many, many people about future collaboration opportunities and really driving together collaboratively as an industry to reach net-zero together.

The NOF team have been absolutely fantastic with us, making some really great connections both before we became members and afterwards, that have led to really good collaborations going forward."


This video features footage from the Kinewell Energy TIGGOR project funded by the North of Tyne Combined Authority and delivered by Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult (OREC).