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NOF Member Stories

3t Training Services

Hear from NOF member company 3t Training Services, about their experiences and the support they receive being a part of the NOF network.

"My name is Charlie Gurthrie. I’m Head of Renewables for 3t Training Services which is part of the 3T Energy Group.

We deliver skills training for the energy sector across the oil and gas sector, the renewables sector. We also work in utilities and construction.

NOF membership’s really important to 3t Training Services and the Group. We’ve been members of NOF for a long time now. We find that they help us connect to new businesses as they come into our regions; the team are able to come back to us and introduce us to specific members within a company or an organisation.

I think a really good real-world example that we’ve experienced with NOF has been the nuclear sector. Having never dealt in the nuclear sector, we very much relied on NOF to really open some doors that otherwise we couldn’t have got through. The NOF team are great. It’s always easy to pick up the phone, talk to them. It really helps us work together as an industry."