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ARK Associates & PBI Ltd: Experts support business transformation for NOF members

Posted on 22 May 2024

70% of business transformations fail, says McKinsey. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Two NOF members - ARK Associates and PBI Ltd – are working with NOF businesses to reduce the risks involved in strategy implementation and business transformation.  These experts support organisations to turn their vision into strategy: and subsequently into successful business transformation, alongside essential culture change.

“There are a number of headline reasons why change fails”, says Alan Ross of ARK Associates.  “The first hurdle is to ensure the leadership team all have a shared vision and the same goals at heart.  They need to be closely aligned and working together seamlessly.  They can’t possibly even attempt to ask the organisation to change until they’ve achieved this harmony of thinking.”

Eddie Martin of PBI explains further.  “Once the leaders have truly committed to strategy and direction, there are key building-blocks they’ll need to put in place.  We believe there are six key steps:

  • Turning the vision and strategic headlines into actions and objectives
  • Setting realistic and meaningful KPIs
  • Developing new lean and agile ways of working
  • Developing an engaged culture across the organisation
  • Progressing at speed
  • Building-in measures to ensure the changes take root”

Alan and Eddie are keen to talk to leaders in any NOF organisation embarking on – or embedded in -business transformation.  They will listen to your ambitions and offer suggestions for how they might help NOF members take the best route forward.