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Allerton Steel Fabrication services - 48" pipeline plug

Posted on 05 June 2024

Allerton Steel Fabrication services - 48" pipeline plug

Allerton Steel recently fabricated two off 48' pipeline plugs. Often referred to as a 'pig' it is inserted into an oil pipeline, it travels along the pipe until it reaches the desire location and then is remotely activated to expand inside the pipeline to stop the flow of oil. Two plugs are often used to isolate a section of oil pipeline for repair or modification.

The main body consists of butt welded CHS & plates in grade S355 plate, sequentially machined in-house to take hydraulic rams and seals.

Flange plates are fabricated from S355 & S690 grade plate, fully machined with oil grooves.

Operating from modern workshops with over 4500sq/m (50,000sq/ft) capacity. The workshops offer a lift capacity up to 60 tonnes and are equipped with modern plant and machinery including semi-automatic welding, CNC operated profile, saw, drilling and milling machines. Additionally, we have a 3D modelling and surveying system to assist with complex fabrications and inspection.

UKCA Marked to Class 4 BS EN 1090, for Military we are JOSCAR approved, for highways bridges we are NHSS Sector 20 and RQSC qualified, for Network Rail-bridges we are RISQS qualified. We hold ISO 9001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 and hold the BCSA Sustainability Award - Silver Standard and Construction Line - Gold Standard.