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Wander Films - Monthly round up

Posted on 21 June 2024

Wander Films - Monthly round up

Woah! The Wander team has had a HUGE month! From TV Docs to team growth, it’s been a wild one guys…

We had all hands on deck filming our debut BBC Documentary, capturing an electric story in some of the country's most amazing locations. Our production team made good use of our drone camera, capturing some unmissable views from the sky.

Wanders also gone worldwide this month, visiting Amsterdam to chat with some HUGE clients, take in the awesome cultures of Holland, and maybe enjoy a stroopwafel or two…

But that’s not all—the Wander team has grown! We’re STOKED to introduce three brand new Wanderers to the dream team. Each of them brings fresh ideas, vibes, and skills, you maaaay wanna keep an eye on our socials to meet them.

And if ALL THAT wasn’t enough, our CEO Chloe Clover has been nominated for Entrepreneur Of The Year by the North East Chamber of Commerce. This is a MASSIVE achievement, and the entire team is HYPED, Clover is a driving force for our creativity and innovation.

Here's to new heights, new faces, and new horizons