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Thorne & Derrick investing in the future workforce through apprenticeships | Testimonials

Posted on 08 January 2024

Thorne & Derrick investing in the future workforce through apprenticeships | Testimonials

Investing in the future workforce

As a continued supporter of apprenticeships, Thorne & Derrick are pleased to have four new members of the team on board who are eager and ready to grow professionally with the company and develop new skills.

Championing Professional Growth & Confidence

Thorne & Derrick International, based in Chester-Le-Street in the North East of England recognises the importance of investing in the future workforce and the value that apprenticeships bring to both the company and the individual. By offering apprenticeship opportunities, we are able to attract talented individuals who are eager to learn and develop their skills.

Currently Thorne & Derrick International employ six apprentices with three studying Business Admin (Level 3), two studying Sales Executive (Level 4) and one who will start a Digital Marketing Apprenticeship in 2024.

Earning While Learning….

Apprenticeships allow us to tailor the training and development to meet the specific needs of our organisation and allows the individuals to earn a wage, further their education and gain vital “on the job” experience. We are able to train apprentices in the skills and knowledge that are directly relevant to our industry and our business, ensuring that they are equipped to contribute to our growth strategy.

Boasting Local Economy…

In addition, by providing apprenticeships, Thorne & Derrick International also fulfils our responsibility to support the local community and economy. By offering employment opportunities to young people in the North East of England, we help to address the issue of youth unemployment, contribute to local economic growth, and encourage the retention of skilled workers in the region.

Deborah Cooney Vocational Development Officer for Gateshead Council Learning and Skills is currently mentoring Chloe & Dylan as they embark on their Level 4 Sales Executive Apprenticeship journey.

“In my role as a Tutor for Gateshead Council Learning and Skills I work in partnership with many employers across different sectors delivering training to apprentices and staff who have sometimes worked within organisations for several years.

It’s been great working with Thorne & Derrick and their Sales Executive Level 4 apprentices. Thorne & Derrick go beyond providing their employees with the tools to do their jobs. Development opportunities provided are exemplary, and they do this by focusing on areas that will benefit both the business and their apprentices.

Valuable opportunities are presented to work with suppliers, learning about product development, which includes hands on experience of learning about technical specifications and how the products work within their industry. The result of this is seen in the expert advice and service which customers benefit from.

Other opportunities to network at national exhibitions and conferences help to build key skills and knowledge, and the apprentices are mentored expertly, developing their behaviours working with a range of local, national, and international customers.

It’s evident that Thorne & Derrick’s commitment to professional development has created a highly talented workforce which will continue to attract more skilled individuals to the organisation.”

Stephanie Coleman, Director of Business Developments and Partnerships at Northern Skills Group is thrilled by the company’s commitment to apprenticeships, she said:

“Thorne & Derrick are a great example of how apprenticeships can really benefit businesses and help train the workforce of tomorrow, we’re passionate about aligning our offering to the skills needed out in industry and it’s great to see apprentices succeed and make a real difference.”