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T&D’s Apprentices Chloe & Dylan Become Members of the Institute of Sales Professionals

Posted on 12 February 2024

T&D’s Apprentices Chloe & Dylan Become Members of the Institute of Sales Professionals

Institute of Sales Professionals

We are thrilled to announce that Thorne & Derrick’s apprentices, Chloe and Dylan, have become official members of the Institute of Sales Professionals (ISP). Currently studying for their Level 4 Sales Executive Apprenticeship, this prestigious membership is a testament to their dedication, hard work, and commitment to their professional development in the field of sales.

Formed by the merger of the Association of Professional Sales and the Institute of Sales Management, ISP is a government-backed professional body representing sales in the UK and around the world. The Institute of Sales Professionals is working towards getting sales recognised as a chartered profession and will continue to lobby the government on issues that concern you and your team’s success.

Chloe and Dylan are an integral part of our sales team, and during their time with us, they have consistently shown a strong passion for sales and a desire to excel in their roles. They have completed various supplier training days, attended industry conferences, and actively sought out learning opportunities to enhance their sales skills.

Becoming members of the ISP is a significant milestone in their careers, as it demonstrates their commitment to upholding the highest standards of professionalism and ethics in sales.

The ISP is a recognised authority in the sales industry, providing its members with access to valuable resources, networking opportunities, and continuous learning initiatives. As members of the ISP, Chloe and Dylan will have the opportunity to further develop their skills through specialised training programs, workshops, and certifications, alongside studying for their Level 4  apprenticeship. They will also have access to a vast network of sales professionals, enabling them to exchange knowledge, share best practices, and establish valuable connections in the industry.

Thorne & Derrick takes immense pride in supporting the professional growth of our employees. We believe that investing in our team members’ development not only benefits them individually but also strengthens our organisation as a whole.

Chloe and Dylan’s membership with the ISP validates our commitment to fostering a culture of continuous learning and excellence. We are confident that their membership will enhance their careers and allow them to make valuable contributions to our sales team and the wider industry. We are excited to see the great things they will achieve as members of the ISP.

What are the benefits of membership?

As a members of ISP, Chloe & Dylan will benefit from the following:

  • Show you are an Ethical Sales professional: as a member you are committing to adhering to the ISP FAIR Code of Conduct. All members can complete the ISP FAIR Sales Ethics Exam
  • Use the learning platform for the best experience: the learning platform allows the user to receive the content that they are interested in, whilst, from their membership profile, they can connect with other members, book events and track their own Continuing Professional Development (CPD) against the ISP sales learning framework
  • Enhance skills and network via member only events: head to the upcoming events section to see our latest webinars, conferences and workshops. It is also a great way to engage a global community of like-minded sales professionals
  • As a member you are entitled to use letters after your name: M.ISP: these help you stand-out as a sales professional and should be used on your LinkedIn, email signature, business cards etc.
  • Earn Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points/credits: the membership gives the user access to the ISP CPD platform with hundreds of hours of learning covering a wide range of sales related topics. Each time they view content, their learning will contribute to their annual CPD objective
  • Keep up to date with the changing Sales landscape: join ISP social media platforms to keep up to date with news, events and contribute to discussions with Sales peers