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Specialist Manpower and Recruitment Services Agency – Samuel Knight International Secures E2 Investor Visa Status

Posted on 06 February 2024

Specialist project manpower and recruitment services provider - Samuel Knight International – has announced it has secured E2 Investor Visa Status meaning the company can export specialist skills from the UK offshore wind industry to America’s growing renewable energy sector in as little as four weeks.

The status makes Samuel Knight one of few recruitment agencies in the UK to offer this freedom of movement, which enables workers to enter and work in the United States for between three months to five years. 

Speaking about the status, Dylan Christie, Chief Operating Officer at Samuel Knight International said: “The drive to net zero is seeing trillions of dollars being invested in the renewable energy sector across the globe and – as part of this – the American market is seeing significant growth.  With that growth comes increased demand for highly skilled offshore professionals and that talent is in huge demand.

“The UK has been at the forefront of offshore wind for over two decades and, as a result of that, has a pool of specialist skills and experience that can meet the current demands of the US market.  Securing E2 Visa status demonstrates Samuel Knight’s commitment to helping the USA develop their offshore wind sector by exporting a highly specialised workforce that can help companies enter, grow and develop their capabilities in this rapidly growing industry.” 

To secure E2 Visa Status, companies must make a substantial investment in an American business and be able to provide skills that either meet an executive role or where specialist skills are required to enable effective operation.

As part of this status, Samuel Knight will be providing a range of skills to the American offshore wind market ranging from design and build specialists to operations and maintenance, decommissioning and repowering experts.   

Samuel Knight International was formed purely to service the renewable energy and sustainable transport industries.  The business is aiming to be 100% owned by its employees and - as its purpose -champions achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050 through the support of community initiatives and programmes that drive green and environmentally friendly initiatives.