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3t Training Services: Training programme helps dozens of ex-military transition into wind industry

Posted on 01 May 2024

3t Training Services: Training programme helps dozens of ex-military transition into wind industry

3t Training Services is celebrating a two-year milestone since the introduction of its specialist ‘Military to Wind’ training programmes, helping more than 200 former military personnel prepare for wind careers.

The programmes, which receive Ministry of Defence funding, are specially designed for military personnel leaving service who want to work in the fast-growing global wind industry. As well as all the mandatory training required by the Global Wind Organisation (GWO), they include introductions and interviews with recruiting wind companies, helping many individuals to access jobs after completing the programme.

Military personnel make perfect wind employees as they have a strong safety and work ethic, share many relevant skills, and are used to working away from home for extended periods.

They are in high demand by the wind industry, which needs to recruit nearly 600,000 technicians over the next five years, according to a recent Global Wind Workforce Outlook report.

Since 3t’s ‘Military to Wind’ programmes launched, many former military personnel have secured new wind careers. 

One example is Kenton Baker, who has swapped battlefields for windfarms thanks to 3t’s training programme.

31-year-old Kenton joined the Army’s Royal Artillery after leaving school and travelled all over the world during his military career. He was considering his options on leaving service and decided to pursue a career in wind as it suited his love of the outdoors and travelling.

Kenton successfully completed 3t’s programme and went on to scoop a job with Boston Energy as an Offshore wind turbine technician.

Kenton said: “Although I was ready to leave the army, I didn’t want to lose all the valuable skills I’d gained from 12-years in service. Skills like working in a tightknit team in remote locations, thinking on your feet and being away from home for extended periods are all suited to working in the wind industry, so it seemed like the perfect fit. I was also keen to gain additional technical skills such as mechanical, hydraulic, and electrical knowledge.

“Training with 3t was a great experience; the instructors are extremely knowledgeable, and the facilities are fantastic with everything you need in one place. I’m now working in a new and interesting career as a turbine technician for Boston Energy and I’m looking to learn and develop as much as I can.”

Callum Ryder, marketing manager at 3t Training Services, said: “It’s fantastic to hear of success stories like Kenton’s and the many other individuals achieving their dream of working in the wind industry after completing our Military to Wind programmes. There are many synergies between military life and working in the energy sector and with lots of companies currently looking for new recruits, there’s never been a better time to make the jump.

“At 3t, we work very closely with the wind industry’s key employers and recruitment companies to help people turn their training into employment. We help you access the right training courses for the jobs market, with the best funding options, and point you in the right direction to identify opportunities. If you’re keen to pursue a wind career, give us a call to find out more.”

Looking to transition from the military into wind?

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