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Concrete: Building Capacity for Floating Offshore Wind. Webinar 1/5

Posted on 02 November 2023

Call for input from the private sector on how to address commercial and technical challenges - and scale up UK capacity in concrete for FLOW

Our aim with this webinar is to help kick-start the scale-up of UK capability in concrete for floating offshore wind (FLOW) in the Celtic Sea. It follows excellent analysis on the capability of UK supply chain, including that of concrete in the UK Celtic Sea region, but focusses on capacity.

We invite input from the private sector during this webinar and will follow up with focused workshops. In 2024, CSP will be commissioning work by private sector consortia on "Investible solutions to scale up and deliver for FLOW".

For context: The Crown Estate has set a target of 4.5GW of FLOW in the Celtic Sea by 2035. This will involve the build and installation of over 200 FLOW platforms to support turbines over 200 metres in height. In terms of electricity produced Celtic Sea FLOW will exceed Hinkley Point C (3.3GW), with a further 20GW mooted by the mid-late 2040s.

The design specifications for these floating wind systems are still in development. However, notwithstanding this uncertainty, it is clear that major capability to provide concrete for FLOW will be required. There is therefore an opportunity for the provision of such solutions from within the UK and be rooted in the region. Major capability exists in the UK but, given the ambition, the key challenge is in building capacity. If scale-up can be achieved, significant economic and social benefits could be realised. Cornwall, South Wales and the South West.

This webinar is part of a series on "Building Capacity for FLOW". Further activities delivered by Celtic Sea Power and the Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult are also underway to support the successful development of Floating Offshore Wind sectors in the Celtic Sea.

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