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NRL Group celebrate further carbon emission reductions

Posted on 08 June 2023

NRL Group celebrate further carbon emission reductions

Marking another year maintaining the Carbon Neutral International Standard across their operations, the NRL Group are celebrating achieving a further 7% reduction in carbon emissions across a wider reporting scope thanks to continued improvement efforts.

Formally reviewed by the independent not-for-profit organisation One Carbon World each year, recent analysis of 2022 business operations saw more improvements in addition to the previous year’s 27% reduction. Since partnering with One Carbon World to calculate carbon emissions, the business has now successfully reduced emissions by 31.5% compared against 2020 figures.

An important measurement to gauge impact, carbon footprint per employee identified significant improvement, recorded as 1.46 tonnes CO2e per employee per year, representing a 29.4% reduction per person.

The NRL Group’s approach to become carbon neutral was implemented through two initiatives, a group wide focus on how to effectively reduce carbon emissions, and investment in carbon credits to support global initiatives designed to tackle climate change.

Central to their impact has been volunteer Carbon Champions working in their branches, identifying practical and long-term changes that can be implemented to leave a lasting legacy, including switching to more sustainable suppliers. Included in the support provided by One Carbon World are suggestions as to how emissions can be further reduced in key areas such as energy consumption, together with adopting company-wide changes such as electric and hybrid company vehicles and reducing road travel.

Securing the Carbon Neutral International Standard certification also means the NRL Group can reaffirm their commitment to the United Nation’s Carbon Neutral Now Initiative, an important movement that is challenging climate change across the globe.

Discussing the continued carbon reduction success, NRL Group CEO David Redmayne said,

“It’s great to be recognised again for a further reduction in carbon emissions as it continues to demonstrate our environmental commitment.

Working in energy and engineering industries we’re seeing first-hand how crucial it is to be adopting greener ways of doing business, as we support our clients with their energy transition plans. So it’s fantastic to be able to do our part in building a more sustainable future.

As with everything we achieve within the NRL Group, this wouldn’t be possible without our people – helping us to identify better ways of operating our businesses and more sustainable ways to work. We’re looking forward to continuing to work with them to facilitate more change.”