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See How DEHN Provides Electrical Protection for Wind Turbines

Posted on 28 July 2023


Lightning & Surge Protection by DEHN

Ensure smooth operation and protect investments with lightning and surge protection safety equipment from DEHN.

Committed to the protection of workers and material assets, Thorne & Derrick together with DEHN can offer electrical protection specifically for wind turbines with a range of innovative products.

Thorne & Derrick provide an extensive range of electrical safety equipment including insulating gloves, voltage detectors, insulating matting and portable earthing to ensure worker safety when carrying out maintenance on LV-HV switchgear, substations, cables and electrical equipment.

More Electrical Safety Products for LV MV HV Cables, Conductors, Substations & Overhead Lines

Electrical Safety Products for LV MV HV Cables, Conductors, Substations & Earthing


The feed-in remuneration for renewables is sinking worldwide and putting the wind branch under increasing pressure. To ensure that investments in new wind turbines pay off in future, too, the top priority is to optimise the availability of the turbines. This prevents loss of revenue due to downtime and high service and repair costs.

Their height makes wind turbines particularly susceptible to destructive lightning events. If insufficient protective measures are taken, the risk of damage and downtime due to lightning is correspondingly high. An integrated lightning protection system is therefore a must.

It consists of external and internal lightning protection, earthing and equipotential bonding.

Take the safe option and entrust the globally recognised specialist DEHN with your lightning and surge protection. Our high-quality and durable products protect turbines on all continents, from the foundations to the rotor blades. Take advantage of our services and make quicker and verifiable progress. We can assist you by, for example, conducting risk analyses, creating bespoke protection concepts and product solutions, or conducting system tests in our accredited test centre.


To secure the availability of wind turbines, the lightning protection zone concept aims to prevent lightning damage to mechanical and electric components. This is achieved by discharging lightning current and controlling surges.

The lightning protection zone concept for wind turbines described in IEC 61400-24 deals with the topic of lightning protection for wind turbines including detailed information on the selection of lightning and surge protection measures 1).

As the basis for creating a protection concept, a wind turbine is subdivided into lightning protection zones. One distinguishes here between external zones (LPZ 0A und 0B) and internal zones (LPZ 1, LPZ 2…n) 2). The external zones of a wind turbine – except the rotor blade – are determined by way of the rolling sphere method. The subdivision of the internal zones very much depends on the construction of the individual wind turbine and should be conducted accordingly.

Having laid down the relevant lighting protection zones, one can then define the necessary protective measures. It is advisable to create a lightning protection concept at the initial planning stage of a wind turbine to avoid later cost-intensive repairs and retrofitting. Long experience in the field of lightning and surge protection and the numerous system tests conducted for the wind industry have given DEHN the know-how to develop effective lightning protection systems for wind turbines. We will assist you in developing a lightning protection concept for your turbine consisting of external lightning protection, internal lightning protection, equipotential bonding and earthing.

1) IEC 61400-24 Lightning Protection of Wind Turbines
2) LPZ: Lightning Protection Zone


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