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NRL: Delivering Effective Multi-Lingual Translation On-Site

Posted on 27 July 2023

Technical and engineering recruitment specialists NRL, know that when it comes to major construction and engineering projects involving hundreds or even thousands of people, it is common to encounter a diverse workforce with various nationalities and languages spoken on-site. Effective communication becomes crucial in such scenarios to ensure safety messages are fully understood and new processes well explained.

That’s why they have a specialist team of translation experts, working within their sister company NRL Language Solutions, supporting clients with a wide range of written language translation and interpreting services. Bridging the communication gap and ensuring that everyone receives vital information, eliminating language barriers and misinterpretations.

They take a look at how using translation and interpreting can benefit site managers and project leads when working with a multi-national workforce.

Making site documentation accessible

Translating site induction material and communication updates into multiple languages can help workers better understand essential information, as well as drive inclusivity. This personal touch will not go unnoticed by your workforce, making them feel welcomed and valued in the project.

Additionally, think about translating signage around the site and important notices on bulletin boards. Key information such as employment contracts and site handbooks can also be made available in different languages.

Our translation team can assist you in providing documentation in multiple languages, whether it's a few pages or lengthy documents. Working with expert linguists, they’ll ensure accurate and precise translations are completed in a timely manner so you have a range of language material to share with workers.

Managing technical translation

It’s also advantageous to ensure technical translation is accessible in multiple languages, and the industry terminology is accurately translated across a range of engineering disciplines.

Whatever you need language support with, our Languages business can provide support in more than 135 languages – from a single document to a lengthy technical report – linguists will work meticulously, with thorough proofreading and quality checks.

Documentation they can translate includes: data sheets; process flows; technical documentation and reports; engineering specifications; health and safety manuals; product and master specifications; technical documents, plans and drawings (CAD); regulatory documents; patents; operating manuals and installation guides; quality assurance documentation; codes of conduct; design specifications; legal and regulatory documents; machine and equipment operating manuals; tenders and contracts.

Interpreting business and HR meetings

With multiple stakeholders involved in projects, it may be more productive to have interpreters present during face-to-face and remote meetings to support non-English speakers. This attention to detail ensures that all parties can actively engage in discussions and decision-making processes – and ensures there are no misunderstandings due to a language barrier and the project stays on track. When liaising with clients and suppliers situated across the globe, booking an interpreter provides a valued addition to deliver productive meetings.

When it comes to HR-related activities on-site like performance reviews and disciplinary meetings, using an interpreter where the worker does not speak English as their native language are significantly enhance the effectiveness of these sessions – and demonstrate that you can keen to include them in the sessions. When you book interpreters through a language solutions provider such as NRL, you can rest assured that any discussions and information shared in meetings will remain confidential – and our team are more than happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement prior to providing language services.

Choosing the right language partner

If you haven't worked with a language solutions provider before, it's important to familiarise yourself with their services. Translation services are typically charged based on word count, which includes a thorough proofread to check for accuracy. Interpreting services, on the other hand, can be booked by the hour, whether it's an in-person meeting or through video conferencing platforms like Teams or Zoom.

It's crucial to check that language providers uphold high quality standards and operate in line with industry best practice. Our Languages team have delivered translation and interpreting services since 1965. We are long-standing members of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI), as well as holding the ISO 9001 accreditation for quality management. This means that translation work is accompanied by a translation certification letter to endorse its accuracy, and all linguists adhere to our code of conduct that ensures the highest of standards of accuracy, precision and professionalism.

By translating site documentation, utilising interpreters for meetings, and partnering with a trusted language services provider, you can break down language barriers and foster a productive and inclusive work environment.

We’re happy to assist any members looking for translation and interpreting support, and you can contact the team at languages@nrl.co.uk