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LSP Renewables & RECOA Join To Conduct An Industry Wide Salary Benchmarking Survey!

Posted on 12 July 2023

Highly skilled industry workers are in great demand by leading developers all over the globe, but with projects growing, there aren’t enough! LSP Renewables are always looking for new ways to support bridging the skills gap that the renewable energy industry is currently facing.

LSP Renewables have recently partnered with the Renewable Construction Academy (RECOA) to aid our shared passion of bringing the skills gap and providing the industry with simple transitions from other relative industries. 

With that in mind, LSP Renewables and RECOA are conducting a global wide salary survey whereby clients and candidates can obtain a valuable and detailed report showing how salaries are comparing for not only roles across the industry, but specialisms, length of experience and locations too.  

A salary benchmarking survey will allow a range of industry leading companies to perform comparative analysis with other market leaders on the salaries of their staff across a range of departments and roles. 
Not only will the survey allow current industry workers to be able to compare their salary and project salary increases, but also provide future candidates with the information they may be looking for to transition into renewable energy jobs. 

To take part in our salary survey, and receive your FREE copy of the report, you can enter your details here! Whilst you’re there why not have a browse of our brand-new website and sign up to keep up to date with all the industry news via our e-newsletter.

For more information on how LSP can assist your recruiting needs, or conduct more tailored surveys and searches on your behalf, please contact us on hello@lsprenewables.com