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Thorne & Derrick - Fibre Optic FO Splice Trays & Junction Boxes for Offshore Wind Farms

Posted on 13 January 2023

Thorne & Derrick - Fibre Optic FO Splice Trays & Junction Boxes for Offshore Wind Farms

The Fibre Optic Junction Boxes series of hazardous area terminal boxes, manufactured by Abtech and distributed by Thorne & Derrick is a range of fibre optic (FO) splice boxes designed for protection of optical fibre cable splices within hazardous areas with a particular focus on the Offshore Wind Sector.

Abtech’s Ex certified fibre management solution for hazardous areas provides protection for fibre optic cables on offshore wind farms. The FJC ensures the correct installation of optical cables and helps to reduce installation time.

  • Holds up to 24 fibre cables
  • Stackable (up to max. 8 trays)
  • Fibre tray hinge maintains access to splices with stacked trays
  • Cable delivery entries from all 4 sides

FJC FO Splice Tray

Splice Trays & Junction Boxes

Fibre Optic Splice Tray Data

Splice Tray Reference Application Type Maximum Optical Power (mW) Special Requirements
FJC24F Safe Area
FJC24F-IS Ex op is 15 or 35*
FJC24F-PR Ex op pr 100 Must be fitted with additional mechanical protection
FJC24F-SH Ex op sh 100 For use with an Ex op sh interlocked supply

* refer to enclosure certificate for more details.

Fibre Optic Splice Tray Specifications

Product Type Fibre Optic Splice Tray
Tray Material ABS
Operating Temp Rating -40°C to +60°C
Splice Type Heat Shrink
Maximum Fibre Size 900 μm
Maximum No. of Fibres 24
Tray Dimensions 168 x 124 x 13mm
Tray Mounting 2 x M4 clearance holes
Tray Weight 81g
Area Classification Zone 1 & 2 Gas, Zone 0 Gas (Ex op is only)
Types of Protection Ex op is (Inherently Safe Optical Radiation),
Ex op pr (Protected Optical Radiation),
Ex op sh (Optical System with Interlock)
Component Coding Ex op is I/IIC Ga, Ex op pr IIC Gb, Ex op sh IIC Gb
Certificate Number ATEX: CML 17ATEX9035U / IECEx: IECEx CML 17.0020U

Splice Tray General Arrangement

Splice Tray Dimensions

Splice Tray Dimensions

Stainless Steel Mounting Frame

Ex op pr applications require mechanical protection of the splice tray and fibres, which is provided by use of a stainless steel mounting frame. An acrylic cover and cable trunking (if the enclosure size permits) add further protection.

The frame can also be used for safe area, Ex op is and Ex op sh applications. Frame dimensions shown below are typical and may vary depending on the application.

Stainless Steel Mounting Frame Example

*Product design and specifications are subject to change without notice; please check the website for latest specifications.


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