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Seaward Safety Offshore Evacuation Escape Chute Systems

Posted on 20 September 2022

Seaward Safety Offshore Evacuation Escape Chute Systems

Seaward Safety is the official UK and European distributor of RSS US Service’s Modular Offshore Evacuation Escape Chutes. Our escape chute systems enable personnel that are trapped at height to evacuate safely to sea level via a V450 Kevlar micro-netted vertical chute, which also protects them from fire, heat & combustion products.

Fixed to a deck/platform, the mechanical free-fall escape chute provides a safe means of escape for evacuees in as little as 60 seconds of deployment. As a modular system, each escape chute can be tailored to suit any intended offshore application.

Key benefits:

  • Suitable for operational temperatures of -20°C to +65°C
  • Protects personnel from fire, heat and combustion materials
  • Cellular sections allows for use in variable height applications
  • Evacuees can use whilst wearing lifejackets, immersion suits and/or breathing apparatus
  • Standard chutes have a 600°C fire rating. However, our optional shroud can withstand up to 1100°C.
  • Modular escape chute system can be tailored to accommodate for a multitude of conditions and locations
  • Safe embarkation alternative to fully manned davit launched lifeboats

Visit https://www.seawardsafety.com/products/offshore-evacuation-escape-chutes/ for more information.