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MRS Training & Rescue - Case Study: Providing added value to the rescue cover services we offer

Posted on 21 September 2022

MRS Training & Rescue - Case Study: Providing added value to the rescue cover services we offer

Case Study: Providing added value to the rescue cover services we offer

The need

National Grid appointed HPTJV, a consortium of Skanska, PORR and A.Hak as the principal contractors to design and build a replacement high-pressure gas pipeline within a 5km tunnel, underneath the River Humber from Goxhill to Paull, to replace the existing pipeline, which lies on the riverbed. Over time, the tidal patterns of the River Humber had eroded the river bed covering the existing pipeline, leading to parts of it being at risk of being exposed.

As a company which had already worked with both National Grid and the contractors, MRS was initially approached for their advice and expertise in working in confined spaces.

During the early planning stages, the contractors approached MRS for their advice on identifying the confined spaces within the tunnel itself, along with their expertise in providing emergency rescue plans in the event of an incident.

Having developed a rescue plan, our Operations Manager, Billy Gundry, along with his team of trainers, then delivered training to the rescue teams in how to wear and use BG4s – long duration breathing apparatus. Our BG4 closed circuit regenerative breathing apparatus provides the wearer with breathable air for up to 4 hours and is an essential piece of equipment when working in such a long confined space tunnel. In addition, further training was provided in first aid, firefighting and tunnelling in order to equip our project with the necessary skills required in health and safety.

The long term benefits

Since the initial consultancy and training we have continued to support the teams with training and rescue practise. This has included a number of mock emergency exercises which take place as the tunnel build progresses.

Steve Ellison, National Grid’s project manager said: “This pipeline will be the longest gas pipeline in a tunnel, inserted in a single string in the world. To do this we need partners with experience and a proven track record. MRS has demonstrated their expertise and knowledge of both confined spaces and health and safety best practice in general, giving us the confidence that this was the right company to provide this essential support to our project during the construction phase.”

MRS’ Yorkshire Operations Manager, Billy Gundry says “We are delighted to be working with National Grid and their contractors on this vital project which will provide a vital service to millions of people. We specialise in offering practical advice and solutions and the mock emergencies we have created specifically for this project are a good example of this."

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