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EnergyVue Strategic Partnership Announcement

Posted on 27 September 2022

EnergyVue Strategic Partnership Announcement

Meteodyn and EnergyVue join forces to offer state-of-the-art software suite for assets production monitoring and performance maximization

Meteodyn, a global wind engineering, climatology, and meteorology expert firm with over 900 clients worldwide in the renewable energy sector, and EnergyVue, a 30-year expert in real-time data management, have partnered to develop Meteodyn APM (Asset Performance Management).

Meteodyn APM allows operators to analyze and manage their assets such as wind farms, solar plants, hydro plants, etc., with great accuracy for past, present, and future performance.

The software suite is composed of:

  • WPA, an in-depth Wind farm Performance Analysis software | powered by Meteodyn
  • RTM, a power plants Real-Time Monitoring application | powered by EnergyVue
  • Forecast, a wind and solar power generation forecasting application | powered by Meteodyn

About Meteodyn

Meteodyn, headquartered in Nantes, France is well known for the Universe software suite and especially for CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) simulation.

Since 2021, Meteodyn is part of the CLS Group, a subsidiary of the CNES (The French Space Agency) and of the CNP.
CLS is pioneer in providing monitoring and surveillance solutions for the Earth since 1986. Meteodyn and CLS offer a unique and comprehensive range of wind/solar - onshore/offshore - climate/weather products, advice and services that is unique on the market.

About EnergyVue

EnergyVue is part of the Curtis & Associates group of companies, delivering digitalization and real time data management solutions in the energy sector since 1990.

EnergyVue aggregates and harmonizes all data coming from the diverse data sources in renewable energy assets and brings them in a unified energy data platform, enabling visualization and analytics in real time, at the edge. EnergyVue is involved in several data standardization projects within the energy industry, including Wind Europe, the Open Group, and the IEA Taskforce 43.