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TOX247 - An introduction to the world’s first ‘Academy of Workplace Substance Management’

Posted on 17 October 2022

A visit to our web site www.tox247.com will introduce NOF members to the world’s first accredited and licensed ‘Academy of Workplace Substance Management’ providing formal accreditations and the world’s largest singular body of published material on the subject. This aligned with our workplace substance management profile for total management in any workplace environment.

For far too long the subject of workplace substance management has been misrepresented as a healthcare provision using ambiguous healthcare language. The reality is, workplace substance management exists to protect the officers of companies and their employees against criminal & civil legislations, statutory requirements, insurance obligations, all within the culpability of Corporate Governance, toxicological evidence applied within employment law and other legislations. In line with these culpabilities and responsibilities, a workplace substance management capability is mandatory, not optional. At TOX247 Ltd we have produced the world’s largest body of factual work dedicated to protecting all sectors and professions culpabilities / responsibilities by developing formal qualifications that provide a license to practice their accreditation alongside their own professional standards as well as the varying needs of all sectors, globally.

We introduce to NOF members four specific accreditations / qualifications that will enhance professional standards and sector culpability within the mandatory necessity outlined above, this includes the legally (Fiduciary) duty of an employee to be fit for work, The courses are:

  1. A Level 4 Academy Award for a Sample Collection Practitioner (SCP).
  2. A Level 5 Certificate for Programme Managing Practitioner (PMP).
  3. A Level 6 Diploma for an Executive Leadership Practitioner (ELP).
  4. A Level 7 Extended Diploma for a Master Practitioner (MP).

All courses are delivered to a Higher Education equivalent, within that academic criterion, they are however achieved very quickly so as not to restrict workplace necessity. Each course has sector specific modules with more being added. Our awarding body is ‘The Aim Group.’ All learning is online in the student’s own time and is supported by seminars, one to ones, synchronous and cohort teaching. Student reading material includes two full manuscripts and 12 substantial eBooks in support of all course material outlined above. This material and courses are written and published by TOX247. All distance learning is delivered via the recognised vLearn platform. All books are available at www.tox247.com in our TOXSHOP.

TOX247 has the countries only registered expert witness in workplace substance management policy writing, implementation, and mediation. More subject material will be published in coming months that is both sector and profession specific and aligned with the unique TOX247 Workplace Substance Management Programme (WSMP) and three categories of Test & Analysis. We build this programme for and with our clients, train them, provide testing & analytical services, and provide continued expert support to achieve defensible total workplace substance management.

We are happy to meet with you for more frank discussions on the subject and the need for all professions and sectors to re-evaluate the future of workplace substance management in support of their membership and professional standards aligned to their own disciplines or sectors.

Contact Trevor Hall, CEO TOX247 Ltd for full details.

Email: t.hall@tox247.com

Tel: +44 (0) 1642 548 282