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NRL signs up to the Social Mobility Pledge

Posted on 13 October 2022

NRL signs up to the Social Mobility Pledge

Businesses across the NRL Group have joined together to sign the Social Mobility Pledge. The initiative asks organisations to make a commitment to support children and young adults from disadvantaged backgrounds, using their skills and expertise to help even the playing field and encourage them to think about their future.

Organisations who sign up to the pledge undertake social impact activity in three key areas – outreach, access and recruitment. Working with local initiatives to reach young adults, offering work experience and apprenticeship opportunities and adopting open recruitment processes that welcome people from all walks of life.

Having already supported a wide range of community initiatives in recent years, and with a strong commitment to continue to build on this important focus area, it was a natural choice for the NRL Group to sign the Social Mobility Pledge – as CEO David Redmayne discusses,

“It’s always been important for us to be able to support as many people as possible, whether that’s within our own teams, or when recruiting roles for our clients within our recruitment operations. We’re able to offer a wide range of opportunities across so many industries and know first-hand that with more diverse workforces, organisations flourish.

So, when it comes to social mobility, we were delighted to be able to sign up to the pledge to reinforce the work that’s already being undertaken across our branches, as well as encouraging us to continue to focus on this
important area.

The NRL Group was founded on a strong culture of doing the right thing, being accountable and giving back –
so it’s rewarding to see our colleagues engaged in community initiatives that will help to shape the next generation.”

It’s a focus that’s shared across NRL’s Recruitment branches and Contracting businesses.

For NRL’s Egremont Branch Director Rebecca Graves, social mobility is of particular importance within the nuclear industry which her Cumbrian branch supports.

“It takes an entire community of people to support the UK’s nuclear industry and roles across this sector are so vast and different. From operational roles to provide auxiliary work to support statutory outages and radiation safety detection, all of which can be easily picked up without prior knowledge of the industry; to engineering positions such as Quantity Surveyors, Commissioning Engineers, Radiographers and Project Managers.

Often though, nuclear is a sector that people think is out of reach to them, unless they’ve graduated from university with a degree in engineering. Across Cumbria however, there are so many opportunities to work across the nuclear supply chain with many entry level positions that can provide a great opportunity to learn on the job and create a sustainable career path.

That’s why we wanted to join the coalition which globally represents over 5 million people, and almost 2 million students, having already actively evidenced the founding principles of the movement. It provides a great platform to challenge social mobility and get people to start thinking differently.”

Organisations interested in finding out more about the initiative can visit www.socialmobilitypledge.org