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Harlyn Solutions equips other offshore engineers with knowledge to reduce risk in large-scale offshore transport projects

Posted on 18 October 2022

Harlyn Solutions equips other offshore engineers with knowledge to reduce risk in large-scale offshore transport projects

Northumberland-based engineering-let transporting company Harlyn Solutions, is sharing its specialist heavy transport knowledge with clients and partners to reduce risk and increase efficiency in complex cargo movement for offshore project delivery. 

The firm held the first of its technical knowledge sharing sessions for engineering professionals in Newcastle in October, with the aim of spreading specialist engineering-led logistics knowledge through the offshore energy supply chain. Engineers from Vattenfall, Osbit, Matts and Volker Marine Services were among the first to benefit from Harlyn Solutions’ knowledge-sharing initiative. 

Hamish Adamson, Managing Director for Harlyn Solutions walked delegates through the risks involved and mitigation methods that engineering firms can apply through the contracting, suitable contractor selection, and planning process. Guest speaker René Elling, Managing Director of Nordic Maritime Solutions shared his knowledge on managing risk in transportation.   

Harlyn Solutions Managing Director Hamish Adamson said: “World-class innovators need a world-class shipping service. Our offshore clients are becoming more aware of the benefits of an engineering-led approach to moving their incredible projects, especially when it comes to risk, enabling them to mobilise anywhere in the world, quickly.

“Time is money and without a full understanding of the risks and responsibilities involved, firms are leaving themselves open to losses. We saw an opportunity for us to use our skills to increase knowledge within the industry and help our clients understand the different types of contracts involved, limits of liability and what should be involved in planning a big move.  

“By understanding the risks involved, offshore engineers and energy companies can make better, lower-risk decisions when it comes to moving their incredible cargoes. Heavy transport is a team game and one best played with a someone solid at the helm.” 

Matt Knight, Equipment Lead at offshore engineering and cable lay experts Maats Tech said: “Logistics can make or break a project and as we expand our work and international projects this knowledge is invaluable. It’s knowing what we need, when and what must be included in contracts with all partners and suppliers at every stage. I’d highly recommend it to anyone with an interest in heavy transport for their offshore projects.”

Maria-Philomena Salele, Marine Lead for Vattenfall said: “For mariners like me the in-depth knowledge that the team from Harlyn have shared with us today is so useful. I highly recommend the training for any offshore engineering professionals looking to develop an understanding of risk reduction in transportation.” 

Graduate Engineer Liam Yeldrem from Volker Maritime Solutions said: “As a young engineer I came along today to find out more about the contractual side of transportation. I have worked closely with Harlyn Solutions on projects involving transportation by barge and this has given me a much deeper understanding of roles, responsibilities and limits in liability.”