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Proeon - Hydrogen: “what’s it all about?” - 10th January 2023

Posted on 24 November 2022

Date : Tuesday 10 January 2023
Venue: Hethel Engineering Centre, Chapman Way, Hethel, Norwich MR14 8FB
Time: 9am Registration
Event: 09:30-12:30

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Hydrogen: “what’s it all about?”

Are you ready for Hydrogen? With the global drive for clean energy for homes, transport and industry the balance of power is more important than ever before.

With sources and access to energy being separated in to smaller and more diverse fractions; Solar, Wind Nuclear, Bio-Mass, Geo thermal at-al, as well as traditional; Oil, GAS, and Coal, what are the common denominators for an energy dense, distributed system? Can we keep our insatiable appetite for energy consumption and its production, joined up?

Join Proeon System’s Dr Dorian Hindmarsh and Randall Williams, as we explore Hydrogen as an Energy facilitator, from the basics through to generation, transport and consumption. Covering safety, the rainbow of colours, and why some think it is the wonder transition fuel of the future.

This event will be punchy, factual, and focused, and delegates will leave informed and enlightened in the potential future world of H2.

Proeon Systems are a specialist control systems provider providing comprehensive robust systems for the energy sector and beyond. With key expertise in Gas safety, Hazardous area, and Process control Proeon’s sector knowledge is seen as market leading and they advise and provide services to a number of National Infrastructure Energy Facilities.

Dr Dorian Hindmarsh, has been involved in the Cleantech and Clean Energy sectors for 20 years, and has operated businesses developing Hydrogen production technology both here in the UK and Scandinavia before supporting Proeon.

Randall Williams (BSc, GIFireE) has been working in the fire safety industry since 1988 as a Fire Alarm Engineer and Fire Risk Assessor. Randall was a member of the BSI Committee which drafted BS 60080 and he leads the Fire & Gas Team at Proeon Systems Limited in Norwich, (UK).

Randall Williams has been working in the fire safety industry since 1988 as a Senior Fire Alarm Engineer and Fire Risk Assessor. He is an experienced Fire Risk Assessor specialising in Industrial Fire and Gas Risk Management. Randall leads the Fire & Gas Team at Proeon Systems in Norwich, UK. He is a Graduate Member of the Institute of Fire Engineers (GIFireE) in 2013 and graduated with BSc Fire Protection Management & Technology from California State University, Los Angeles, California in 1986.