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27% reduction helps NRL renew Carbon Neutral International Standard

Posted on 21 November 2022

The NRL Group is celebrating renewing their carbon neutral certification for a second year with a 27% reduction in their carbon footprint. Which sees their footprint per employee reduce by 0.84 tonnes.

The independently verified assessment is undertaken each year by One Carbon World and meets the Green House Gas (GHG) Protocol Corporate Standard. Reporting includes a reduction in scope 1 emissions of more than 77,443 CO2e, which measures direct greenhouse emissions such as fuel used in the transportation of goods and services. As well as a reduction in scope 3 emissions of 15,895 CO2e, which includes indirect emissions such as business travel and waste disposal.

The renewal success follows a continuous focus within the NRL Group to identify ways to reduce and eliminate carbon emissions across their engineering operations – which includes Recruitment, Non-Destructive Testing to the civil nuclear industry and Rail maintenance contracting. Areas of focus included energy, fuel, water, commuting and business travel.

Colleagues across the NRL Group’s branches and operations also volunteered to form a Carbon Champion team, working together to continue to look at initiatives and changes that can be made to further reduce carbon emissions.

Through their partnership with One Carbon World, changes are made to reduce emissions - before carbon credits are purchased to invest in environmental initiatives across the globe and offset operations.

As the company moves into its third year operating under the standard, they will launch a new company benefits scheme for colleagues to lease electric vehicles through payroll deductions – making the cost of switching to electric more affordable.

Discussing the successful renewal, NRL Group’s CEO David Redmayne said, “It’s extremely rewarding to have achieved a 27% reduction in carbon emission in our first year after focusing our efforts on reducing our environmental impact.

This demonstrates the commitment from colleagues across our Group to make meaningful change, backed by our commitment to always do the right thing.

Climate change continues to be an important agenda for businesses across the globe. Now more so than ever as we increase our support to clients to deliver the next generation of green energy infrastructure. Maintaining the Carbon Neutral International Standard is just one way we’re demonstrating to our clients and candidates that we’re passionate about making long-lasting change.”