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Saker Solutions secures National Nuclear Laboratory simulation modelling framework

Posted on 13 May 2022

Saker Solutions secures National Nuclear Laboratory simulation modelling framework

The National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL) has awarded Saker Solutions with a three-year framework agreement to provide Security Modelling Services, enabling them to optimise their security strategies through prescriptive analytics.

As the UK’s national laboratory for nuclear fission, NNL is harnessing nuclear science to help solve some of the world’s biggest challenges from achieving deep decarbonisation to delivering lifesaving healthcare. NNL was seeking to work with experts in the provision of Security Services across a range of security-related fields, and has chosen Saker Solutions, part of the ITI Group, as a new provider to support delivery of security modelling.

Saker Solutions, ITI’s simulation, modelling and business analytics company, utilise the FlexSim and Avert Simulation software to support clients in improving their site security strategies. Saker Solutions is the UK distributor for both the AVERT Security Modelling software, an intelligent design tool used extensively across the North American nuclear industry; and the FlexSim simulation software, a 3D simulation tool used in a variety of industries including the nuclear sector. Saker’s simulation experts are able to use these data-driven tools to build 3D models or ‘digital twins’ of a site and then run simulations of potential security threat scenarios or investigate the impact of alternative security strategies, such as new protocols at security gates. This will allow NNL to better support its own clients to optimise their security strategy.

The ITI Group’s ethos of innovation aims to harness new technologies and translate them into industry-ready solutions with which to drive technological progress. Saker Solutions will be there to support NNL’s security strategy and ensure that their valuable work remains protected and safe.

Shane Kite, Managing Director of Saker Solutions said: “We’re excited at the prospect of working with the National Nuclear Laboratory and discovering where we can use the power of simulation technology to support them. NNL is a hugely innovative organisation, which also presents an ideal opportunity to collaboratively identify new solutions which may be of vital importance to the safety and security of nuclear facilities across the UK.”

Pre-emptively optimising security is paramount to nuclear facilities but can also be applied across other sections of critical national infrastructure. To find out more about how simulation services confirm the integrity of these vital decisions, visit https://sakersolutions.com/sectors/nuclear/