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North Sea Transition Deal Integrated People and Skills Strategy

Posted on 25 May 2022

North Sea Transition Deal Integrated People and Skills Strategy

Our transition to a net zero offshore energy industry is accelerating and it’s very clear that our energy system of the future will look very different to what’s gone before. We need a skilled workforce which is diverse, agile, and adaptable.

Today, we have published the Integrated People and Skills Strategy for the UK offshore energy industry and the first of five actions plans – Aligning Offshore Energy Standards – creating clear direction for a just and managed transition.

Recognising the unique opportunity to bring together the offshore energy sectors, the strategy is designed not only to meet the commitments in the North Sea Transition Deal, but to create a joined-up approach to people and skills right across the offshore energy industry.

In developing this strategy on behalf of the industry, OPITO has engaged widely across all of the offshore energy sectors, listening carefully to understand the risks and opportunities – for leaders and managers, and for the workforce, both offshore and onshore..

Balancing net zero with energy security is an exciting opportunity, but only if we put our people front and centre. By working together with the right leadership, commitment and funding, we can turn this strategy into action and ensure nobody is left behind.

Download the strategy and action plan here.

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