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TOX247 Workplace Substance Management For Every Sector For Every Business Owner

Posted on 15 March 2022

TOX247 Workplace Substance Management For Every Sector For Every Business Owner

TOX247 Ltd is a company dedicated to ‘Total Workplace Substance Management’. We achieve this by providing all sector workplaces with the unique TOX247 Ltd Workplace Substance Management Programme (WSMP). We will build and constantly monitor each WSMP module to deliver robust and legally defensible modules that meet insurance fair presentation requirements:
A Programme Implementation Plan (PIP). Risk Assessed, Managed and Mitigated
An Employee Assistance Programme (EAP). Risk Assessed, Managed and Mitigated
A Substance & Alcohol Management Policy (SAMP). Risk Assessed, Managed and Mitigated
A Programme of Testing & Analysis (PoTA) Risk Assessed, Managed and Mitigated

Each of the four modules are trained to the company’s stakeholders and revolve around the TOX247 Ltd three categories of test or analysis which are by definition mandatory in the workplace of any sector globally:

Category 1 is testing or analysis for statutory illegal substances use, or legal substances used illegally. This requires a mandatory workplace response due to criminal & civil law.
Category 2 is testing or analysis for legal substances, prescribed medications, alcohol etc. This requires the mandatory management of debilitating side effects or the misuse-abuse of legal substances.
Category 3 is testing or analysis where an employee self-refers issues outlined in Category 1 & 2 above. An employee cannot be dismissed for a self-referral, it has a mandatory need to be managed.

Workplace testing and analysis are two quite different approaches requiring two different management strategies.

Note: Due Diligence Device (DDD = Unconfirmed toxicology) instant result testing is provided to meet workplace due diligence initiatives for substance management by activating inconclusive unconfirmed toxicology testing.

Note: Back to Laboratory (BTL = Confirmed toxicology) analysis of sample collections sent to an accredited laboratory for an evidential breakdown of compounds, cross reactivity compounds and compound volumes above a cut off.

Note: A workplace Programme of Testing & Analysis (PoTA) is not a healthcare provision. Healthcare language should not be used for the workplace which must comply with:

1. Criminal & Civil Legislations.
2. Terms & Conditions of employment.
3. The legal duty of an employee to be fit for work.
4. Corporate Governance (CG) and the manner by which the company makes formal decisions.
5. Culpability and responsibility within CG.
6. The two levels of toxicology regarding different applications for best evidence.
7. The windows of detection that respond to burdens of proof.

8. Insurance obligations, especially regarding fair presentation to the insurer.
9. Pre-employment protocols and the WSMP.
10. Employee extraction protocols within employment law.

TOX247 Limited’s own workplace testing and analysis provision includes:

Unconfirmed Toxicology, narrow window only:
1. DDD saliva test kits.
2. DDD urine test kits.
3. DDD breath test kits.

Confirmed Toxicology, narrow and wide window:

4. BTL Saliva sample collection devices, A & B samples for narrow window analysis.
5. BTL Urine sample collection devices, A & B samples for narrow window analysis.
6. BTL Cut head / body hair / nail clipping kits, A & B samples for wide window analysis.

We design and manufacture our own wide window collection kits as well as our Sample Collection Consent Forms (SCCF). We also manufacture our own tamper proof sample evidence bags and associated evidence control bar codes, all of which are part of workplace substance management
evidence continuity.

Engaging a high-risk employee or contractor into any workplace raises the risk management profile of the company, worse still if you are attracting a high-risk employee into a high-risk environment. Any workplace requires that all employees be subject to the company WSMP, regardless of position or

Definition of a Workplace Substance Management Programme:

“The TOX247 Ltd Workplace Substance Management Programme (WSMP) is a modular package of policies, practices, processes and procedures trained and designed to protect Corporate Governance, company officers, and managers, from criminal and civil legislation culpability that can negatively impact any collective ability to make formal decisions in defence of a liability to prosecution, meeting of insurance obligations, and protection of their employees in the execution of company duties,
regardless of position or role” Trevor Hall.

Definition of Workplace Toxicology:

“The use of confirmed and or unconfirmed toxicological sample mediums in a structured programme of testing / analysis, used to examine the adverse effects or ingestion of illegal and legal substances on an employee or contractor, which affects their Legal Duty to be Fit for Work or contravenes
Criminal or Civil legislations, Corporate Governance or Terms & Conditions of employment” Jayne Hepple.

Definition of an Employee Assistance Programme within Substance Management:
“A workplace substance management EAP is a recovery-oriented treatment programme that uses the company’s formal decision-making protocols via policies, practices, processes and procedures to define an examination of a treatment history, the identification of unmet needs, an assessment of acceptance or refusal into the EAP, that subsequently provides a treatment profile that has a treatment outcome in favour or against the employee” Trevor Hall.

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