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New NOF Member Renewable Field Services Launch Gateshead Facility

Posted on 10 March 2022

New NOF Member Renewable Field Services Launch Gateshead Facility

Renewable Field Services is the UK’s leading expert in blade repair, blade inspection, and turbine maintenance. With a background in blade manufacture, our knowledge of composites is second to none.

The business has joined NOF as a member company and is a supporter of the Energi Coast offshore wind cluster.

The business  have extensive onshore and offshore experience working with and on blades from all major manufacturers, and we have provided services ranging from detailed inspection and testing retrofit solution development to specialist structural repairs.

Renewable Field Services delivers knowledge, experience, and engineering practical solutions to ensure your most valuable asset is kept in optimum condition.

In addition, they also have a training arm to the business called Safer at Work 

Safer At Work is the training, equipment and rescue arm of Renewable Field Services Ltd, an international leader in blade repair and engineered solutions for the wind turbine industry.

Safer At Work was set up to fulfil the skills gap in the Renewable Wind Sector, especially wind turbine blade repair. Our mission is to deliver benchmark health and safety training in the industry and the workplace coinciding with the provision of PPE to make everyone Safer At Work.

Their skilled training instructors are experienced in working at height, first aid, rescue, and confined space. They can provide event cover and standby teams for your projects. Allow us to risk assess and provide you with quality rescue cover and medic provision.

Renewable Field Services and Safer at work have 2 facilities, one in Gateshead and one in Winchester, the Gateshead's facility is 20,000 square feet and is able to do blade repairs on-site for blades up to 25 meters and much more, we even built a nacelle on site

They would like to open their doors and invite you in for a guided tour of their amazing facilities, if you would like to arrange a tour or just find out more, please contact Heather Lynn via email