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Jointing & Connecting MV Cables in the energy industry

Posted on 04 March 2022

Jointing & Connecting MV Cables in the energy industry


Jointing & Connecting MV Cables

Nexans manufacture an extensive range of slip-on, cold-shrinkable and heat-shrinkable cable terminations, joints and connectors for 11kV-33kV-66kV power systems – to complement and ensure their reliable performance a complete range of Cable Lugs & Connectors utilising shearbolt technology are available from Nexans.

The GPH range of electrical connectors from Nexans are compatible with their medium voltage ranges of joints (JTS) and terminations (MONO).

GPH medium voltage mechanical cable connectors and cable lugs provide excellent electrical contact and are suitable for aluminium and copper conductor ranges 1.5-1200sqmm up to 52kV (EN 60228 Classes 1 & 2).

M-Series mechanical connectors are assembled with multiple shear-off-head bolts and are therefore a reliable and economical way of connecting identical or different conductor cross-sections and conductor materials – they allow the safe connection of copper and aluminium conductors with cross-sections of #16 AWG up to 2,000 kcmil (up to 1200sqmm).

Nexans have launched a new mechanical power connector as part of their range of GPH cable connectors and cable lugs available for medium voltage cables. All connectors are available with either Allen shear bolts or outer hexagon shear bolts.

The new Nexans GPH mechanical connector M-Series is specified for connecting, jointing and branching large conductor cross-sections on medium voltage power cables up to 52kV.

Typical applications for the Nexans GPH Connector are connections of large scale wind farms and offshore wind farms to the MV power grid. The patented Nexans GPH shear-off head bolt clamps the conductor into the connector at the optimum contact force.

Connects, Joints & Terminates all Types of Copper & Aluminium Cables

Installation is simple and quick and the GPH mechanical connectors have been electrically tested according to IEC 61238-1-A.

As with all medium voltage cable lugs from Nexans GPH, the M-Series has been successfully tested according to IEC 61238-1, class A and ANSI 119.4

Nexans support international onshore and offshore renewable energy projects with an extensive range of 52kV medium voltage electrical distribution equipment including cable joints, terminations and Euromold screened separable connectors.



  • Allows the safe connection of copper and aluminium conductors of all designs and cross-sections of 1.5sqmm up to 1,200sqmm
  • Connects all common, compressed and compacted copper and aluminium conductors
  • Fewer connector types cover the most common cross-sections
  • Shear bolt connectors compensate conductor tolerances
  • Provides the highest contact force for a maximum lifetime of the application
  • Quick and simple installation with standard tools, no crimping tools required
  • Prevents installation mistakes
  • Tested acc. to ANSI 119.4, IEC 61238-1 class A
  • Wide application range
  • Customised solutions, special types and dedicated designs available on request