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Introducing Davra’s Senior Solution Architect Fergal Concannon

Posted on 10 March 2022

Introducing Davra’s Senior Solution Architect Fergal Concannon

Tell us about yourself

Hi everyone I’m Fergal from Galway, I’m a network engineer, a lover not a fighter. I’ve been lucky enough to work in nearly ever corner of the globe apart from Antarctica (My sister beat me to it and won’t let me forget it!). I started as a network engineer with Ardmore Technologies many moons ago, since I’ve been involved with industrial communication projects globally for the last 20 years across different types of sectors ranging from mining in Africa to working in the Volvo Ocean Races in Galway. I’m Interested in all types of technology, at the moment in particular RF, low power wide area networks (LP-Wan) and drones.

What made you choose Davra?

I’ve known Davra since they started in 2011, and always thought they would be interesting to work with them. We have worked together on a number of projects across different industries. I always found that they really seemed to know what the industry needed and they were talking about the right things, that interested me.

What do you want to achieve at Davra?

I love to help Davra grow, I want to help them be the biggest Application Enablement Platform in the world. Plus the opportunity to keep working on exciting and cutting edge projects with Davra is great.

What are your hobbies or interests?

Being from an island of an island, the Aran Islands located off the west of Ireland. Naturally I really enjoy water sports,  like sailing and dipping into the cold water for a swim to cleanse the soul. I am a big fan of the cinema, no particular genre but all good movies . Especially any work done by Charlie Booker like Black Mirror.