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AIS - The state of skills for wind

Posted on 25 March 2022

AIS - The state of skills for wind

Webinar #1

‘The state of skills in renewables’

Friday 8th April at 1pm (bst)

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Zoom registration link >> https://bit.ly/3Ng71K4

This is a new webinar aimed at managers and coordinators. I will summarise what I hope is useful and relevant information to you and your management teams of the back of the GWO report.

Key discussion points:

  • New standards from the last 6 months, and those we expect to see imminently
  • The development of wind training in the UK
  • Government support for wind training
  • Remote learning, onsite training and e-learning to reduce travel
  • The GWO market in numbers

Webinar #2

‘Skills for Wind’

Friday 8th April at 14:30 (bst)

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Zoom registration link >> https://bit.ly/3ItATPm

In addition to the above webinar I am going to run a separate specific webinar for people in your company who are new to Wind training and its requirements. This webinar is aimed at people coordinating training, managing training budgets or senior leadership teams looking for a general overview of the makeup of skills training. Note this is not designed for personnel / recipients of training, our bookings teams are best placed to answer the very specific questions from personnel.

Key discussion points:

  • How the UK’s wind projects are shaping up, and what we can see coming
  • The wind market vs other competing sectors with similar skills. Rail, Nuclear, Oil & Gas, as well as the global skills market
  • An army of wind ready personnel, what the UK is doing to help military leavers into Wind
  • GWO Training courses. Within this core segment I’ll cover
    • What are the main GWO courses (for those coming from Oil & Gas I’ll compare them to the BOSIET and similar courses)
    • Sequencing of GWO courses, where there is a set or preferred order to complete them and why
    • Upgrading skills, what are the courses in demand by clients but aren’t strictly mandatory
    • Course durations, validity periods and pre-requisites for GWO
    • WINDA; what is it
  • A summary of the above and an opportunity to answer some questions