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Osbit delivers well intervention system to FTAI Ocean

Posted on 01 July 2022

Osbit delivers well intervention system to FTAI Ocean

Osbit, the offshore technology company, has successfully delivered a new well intervention tower system to FTAI Ocean.

The system, which comprises of 1,300 tonnes of equipment and stands at 40 metres tall, will enable riser and riserless based well intervention activities in water depths up to 1,500 metres.

Osbit’s design integrates a series of innovations derived from the company’s extensive experience in developing well intervention and offshore handling equipment to improve operational safety, flexibility, and accessibility.

The tower’s vertical racking system reduces the need for well centre access, while maximising deck space with its small footprint. An active and passive heave compensated platform supports coil tubing, slickline and e-line operations, while safe personnel access is facilitated via an integrated walk to work system.

For riserless operations, the system has four guide wires and two pod wires integrated with the existing vessel crane which provides up to 250 tonne Safe Working Load (SWL) active heave compensation. The system’s deck skidding system minimises the need for crane lifts, increases the operating window, and enables equipment to be directly loaded into the well centre.

The tower was fabricated and assembled at Wilton Engineering Services in Teesside, UK, using Osbit’s predominantly locally based supply chain.

Osbit Director Steve Binney, who led the tower’s engineering development, comments: “Completing this project is a huge achievement for Osbit, and we have worked extremely hard to deliver our largest and most technologically complex engineering system yet.

As a team, we have overcome many obstacles to reach this important milestone, which shows not only our capability, but that of North East England, and our fantastic supply chain.

This is a world-class piece of kit, and we are looking forward to seeing it in action.”

Project Director, Steve Bedford, adds: “The delivery of this project is Osbit’s biggest milestone yet and is testament to the unbelievable efforts of the whole Osbit team, most of whom have made a direct contribution towards making this happen.

"This tower system is a prime example of how we work from first principles, combining our proven technology modules with fresh thinking to produce exciting engineering systems for the offshore world.

"It has also been rewarding to watch our team grow and develop as they supported this project’s development, and we are already applying this learning on to our latest projects and concepts for the offshore wind market.

"With the build complete, we are looking forward to providing further support to FTAI Ocean now that preparations are underway for transportation to Singapore.”

To find out more about Osbit, visit: https://www.osbit.com/.