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NEW | Cable Semi-Con Scoring Tools for SCS Series | Ripley Tools

Posted on 24 June 2022

NEW | Cable Semi-Con Scoring Tools for SCS Series | Ripley Tools

Semi-con Scoring Tools

SCS Series By Ripley Tools

Ripley Tools has launched three new tools for safe and efficient cable semi-con scoring, part of its SCS Series. Ripley SCS is a general purpose semi-con scoring tool for most medium voltage cable constructions and is equipped with a standard cable guide. The adjustable semi-con scoring tool removes easy strip type semi-con screens from HV power cables, this includes 11kV and 33kV power cables.

Between them, the new cable jointing tools are capable of precisely scoring medium-voltage cables from 0.31′′ to 2.96′′ (8 to 75mm), eliminating the need for traditional, higher-risk blades making them perfect for high voltage power cable preparation prior to jointing and terminating and easily mounts on the cable.

The first Jointing Tool in the series is the compact and adjustable SCS semi-con scoring tool, which precisely scores the semi-con to ease its removal while protecting the underlying insulation. The SCS works on medium voltage 5kV to 35kV cables with semi-con diameters of 0.31′′ – 2.00′′ (8 to 51mm) and is able to perform longitudinal, spiral and calibrated square cuts.

Ripley SCS Adjustable Cable Semi-Con Scoring Tool (Compact & User Friendly)

Ripley SCS Adjustable Cable Semi-Con Scoring Tool (Compact & User Friendly)

It’s the SCS tool’s micro-adjustable blade depth that ensures accuracy so cable insulation is not damaged and the innovative slide tray keeps the cable square to the cutting head for precision.

The UtilityTool SCS’s design eases operation for cable engineers. It opens and snaps on the cable quickly and simply. Plus, it can work in a small envelope of space, especially on large cable sizes and covers the range of both the BP1A and BP2A.

For highly bowed or curved cables, the SCS V2 has been created to give engineers enhanced control. Its narrow cable guide is suitable for sheathed and jacketed 3 phase assemblies.

Completing the trio is the SCS Max, an extended version of the SCS to make precision cuts on large diameter power cables with strippable semi-con. The tool is designed for cables with a diameter of 1.77′′ to 2.96′′ (45 to 75mm) and it can operate within a 4′′ (101.6 mm) envelope on larger cables.

“All three tools in the SCS Series overcome the mechanical limitations of their counterparts in the market and replace the need for the use of basic, high-risk knives, thanks to the design and engineering capabilities of the Ripley team,” said Brian Bourgoin, Director of Engineering at Ripley Tools.



Scoring Tool Model Order Code Scale Units Scale Increments Cable Size Ø Adjustable Blade Depth Replacement Blade
SCS 43630 Customary 0.002″ 0.31″ to 2.0″ (8 to 51 mm) Up to 0.16″
(Up to 4 mm)
43625 Metric 0.05 mm
SCS V2 43651 Customary 0.002″
43650 Metric 0.05 mm
Ripley SCS Operation Instructions

Ripley SCS Operation Instructions

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