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Webtool Cutters for Canadian Coast Guard’s new search and rescue lifeboats

Posted on 13 July 2022

Webtool Cutters for Canadian Coast Guard’s new search and rescue lifeboats

The Canadian Coast Guard has selected Webtool emergency rope cutters, manufactured by Allspeeds Limited, for 12 Search and Rescue (SAR) Lifeboats from Toronto based Webtool distributor, Variators Ltd. The cutters will be installed as an integral part of each vessel’s emergency release mechanism, allowing the towline to be cut in the event of difficulties during towing.

Bay-class SAR lifeboats are capable of travelling up to 100 nautical miles from shore, delivering improved search and rescue capability in extreme weather, up to Beaufort Force12 conditions, and are able to self-right if capsized.

To date, a dozen of the new 19m long vessels have been delivered to the Canadian Coast Guard from builders Chantier Naval Forillon Inc. and Hike Metal Products Ltd., with the latest vessel, CCGS Hare Bay, being dedicated to the fleet as recently as June 2022.

With safety being a primary concern, the Canadian Coast Guard was looking for an emergency towline release mechanism able to cut the towline within seconds, after remote activation from the vessel’s bridge.

The Webtool cutter is a low-pressure, heavy-duty tool capable of cutting softline and fibre rope (including Dyneema and Spectra) up to 38.1mm (1.5′′) diameter whilst allowing unrestricted movement of the towline. Powered by the vessel's hydraulic system, it is designed to be installed or removed quickly even when towing operations are underway, without the use of tools.

Based upon proven technology, the Webtool brand is synonymous with quality and reliability, giving optimum cutting performance with minimum maintenance. Constructed in corrosion resistant and durable stainless steel and coated steel, the Webtool cutter does not cause chaffing or premature wear of the towline. It is positioned within the emergency towline release mechanism such that it limits the spring back effect of the towline when severed under tension and avoids personnel injury.

The Webtool range of high-performance cutting tools is designed and manufactured in the UK by Allspeeds Ltd.

For more information on the Webtool range of cutters in the Americas call Variators on 001416 234 8671.